divendres, 25 de maig de 2012

Essay and email

Writing an essay:

Schools are still using traditional methodologies and aren’t changing their point of view about children which could be the best way of learning for them.

First it is important to say that schools have to change as the world has changed. That means, teacher minds have to change as well.
Traditional methodologies are not the best way of teaching. Copying and doing exams don’t mean that our pupils will learn more.

Secondly we have to teach as if we were playing with words. That is just based on creativity. If we do an exciting class, children will enjoy it and also they will learn more.

In my opinion modern methodologies are the clue to opening children’s mind and making them responsible. But this has a big problem, one teacher can’t change the way of thinking. We have to work together to achieve our dreams.

To conclude, we have to make education the best we can. Don’t forget that children are more important than us.

Writing an email: 

Hello Jane,

Sorry I haven’t written for a long time but I’ ve been very busy. College is driving me crazy.
My first year at college has been a new experience and I have had to get used to it. I have a lot of work and I don’t have much free time for myself.
It has been a big change for me but I hope next year I will be more concentrated on what I must do.
Despite all of this I like being at college. I love what I’ m studying and I think my job will be very rewarding. Do you remember when we were younger and I was always saying that I would like to be a teacher? So now I’ m trying to make an effort and study hard.
What about you? What are you doing now?


dimecres, 2 de maig de 2012

A piece of my life!

Firstly I am going to introduce myself. My name is Alexandra Artero and I am 20 years old. I
live in a small and magical island, called Ibiza.

Nowadays I am studying at University to become a teacher. I am studying this because since I
was three or four years old I have dreamed of it and I want that my dreams slowly become true.
Before starting University I did a vocational training course infant education.

During the two years of the course I realized that it really was what I wanted to be and I loved
to be with children. Something very special about this job is that you teach your pupils but you
also learn new things from them every day.

Finally, I would like to say that a job that you love is preferable to one that you hate, even if you earn less.

dimecres, 22 de febrer de 2012

Cançó de música!

Em presento!!

Sóc n´Alexandra Artero, tinc 20 anys i estic cursant el primer grau d´Educació Infantil a la seu d´Eivissa. Estic molt contenta d'haver pogut entrar a la universitat i esper que aquest llarg recorregut sigui dinàmic i cada vegada em vagi enganxant més.